Holy shit has it been a roller coaster of an emotional week. From hyper excitement to tears and bruises I’ve been through the whole spectrum.

I spent the majority of last week trying to conserve my energy and stay calm ahead of the big fight on Thursday. The training on Tuesday night was just pad work to keep us safe from injury and then it was motivational music and quotes in the office whilst I tried to keep my mind as focused as possible.

Family banner making 
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So I’m into week two of boxing training. After lulling us into a false sense of security in the first couple of sessions where we were mainly focussing on technique, with limited fitness, we were beasted on Saturday. One minute of hitting a punch bag as hard as you can may not sound that tough but follow this up with half a minute of jabbing and then repeat followed by a whole load of circuits and I was done.

The dream team

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We’re well and truly into the tennis season, with my all time favourite ever sports event, Wimbledon starting to get really exciting and the prospect of the Davis Cup straight after there’s so much to inspire people to get onto the courts and start playing.

I know that there are at lot of barriers and preconceptions that people have around tennis but for me it’s been a game that I’ve played throughout my life and can be mixed up to suit all levels and ages. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it’s not just for posh people and it really doesn’t matter where that ball goes as long as your having fun.

So here are some ways to play that you might not have heard of before and might make the game seem a little bit more fun/less intimidating…

Classic singles and doubles
You just want to play the classic way – rock up to court with either 2 or 4 of you and play singles or doubles. Either just have a hit or play a match if you’re more competitive! If you don’t know how to score, just set yourself a “first to” and take it in turn to do two serves each – e.g. first to 10.

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If you’re into your sport and running you’ve probably at some point been told to use a foam roller to help alleviate your tight muscles, namely your ITB (the joyous tendon that causes runners knee and has been the bane of my life for the past year).

During my time on the 2XU Ultimate Training Camp I went on I was lucky enough to be given a talk by exercise physiologist Jeff Nichols about why we decide to roll over these hard, painful pieces of plastic.

foam roller

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Right, I’m wading into this “are you beach body ready” debate too. Having thought about it a lot I actually can’t believe the furore over the Protein World advert.


I’ve obviously noticed these adverts plastered around London, I mean how can you not? Bright yellow billboards with a hot woman asking whether you’re beach body ready sort of stands out. But actually they don’t offend me.

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I’ve just got back from the USA on one of the most incredible and crazy experiences of my life. As I wrote about in my previous post, I won an insane competition through 2XU (2 times U) to go to LA for a week and take part in the Ultimate Training Camp. And Ultimate it was.

It wasn’t until I actually got on the plane that I fully believed it was all true and I wasn’t in some prank TV show. As soon as I arrived I rushed down to the beach, the biggest beach I’ve ever seen with hardly anyone on it and then second stop found a studio called Harmony Yoga right by the hotel (I love LA) and attempted to get over my jet lag with a really relaxing yin and restorative yoga class.



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