Why yoga is my biggest teacher

Every so often I get on my mat and wonder why on earth I do yoga, my body just doesn’t feel made for it. It’s tight and stiff and it physically hurts as I move from one pose to the next, resisting with all its energy. It takes forever to warm up, it feels weak and inflexible, like it’s going to snap in two. I want to throw my mat out of the room as instead of directing my attention inwards I watch other people seemingly easily gliding from pose to pose as my mind goes into overdrive.

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Olympic Dreaming

I can’t believe FOUR whole years have passed since the London Olympics in 2012. Whilst glued to the television for two weeks back then, getting completely inspired, I was sure I was going to be flying out to Rio, making my debut in one of the lesser-known sporting categories like handball or wrestling, I even tried to make it as a boxer last year but that literally ended in tears. So I will be in the same position, on my sofa, watching other people live out my dream as I decide what sport I can make it into the 2020 Olympics.


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Redefining the Impossible

A couple of weeks ago I went to a hugely inspiring talk by endurance swimmer Beth French. She is attempting to be the first person (yes not woman, the first person) to complete the Ocean7’s challenge, which includes 7 long-distance open-water swims in different types of water and is the swimming equivalent to climbing the 7 summits, in one year. To put this into context, only 6 people have ever completed it, with four swims being the most anyone has swum in a year.

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For the next month I’m going vegan. Not because of any animal rights reasons or anything to do with my diet, but because I challenged a friend who is doing 15 challenges in 2015 to become one for 30 days and in doing so had to sign myself up for it in the process. Already being a vegetarian (that eats fish) this is not such a big thing for me, but for my friend who is a MASSIVE meat eater and  would probably be happier eating just a diet of that alone it’s going to be a lot tougher.


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I was lying in savasana the other day, obviously not doing very well at clearing all the thoughts in my head, and thinking how life is like a puzzle.

There are so many different pieces that make up any puzzle, each with their different shapes and imagery. Just as there are so many different parts that make up our life, so many different external and internal factors that have an impact on our happiness.


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This week is Women in Sport Week. It’s a week that is an opportunity for everybody involved with playing, delivering, leading or working in sport to celebrate, raise awareness and increase the profile of women’s sport across the UK.

I’ve played sport since I can remember and have gained so much through playing it – I couldn’t imagine life without it. Here are just some of the reasons why I love it so much:

  1. Meeting people
    I’ve met some of my best friends through playing sport, be that playing on the same team at school and university, through joining clubs or through doing training courses. Starting off with something you have in common and are passionate about makes for easy conversation!


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Anyone who knows me well knows that patience is not one of my strongest qualities. From since I can remember I was told “more haste, less speed” on a daily basis at school and I’ve always wanted things to happen faster. Generally speaking I’ve eaten dinner before it’s on the plate, finished a drink before anyone else has started theirs (many dates will attest to this!) and I’m just completely useless at waiting for anything.

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A couple of weeks ago I won THE most incredible competition to attend an Ultimate Training Camp in LA for four days thanks to sports compression clothing brand 2XU (2 times U). It is literally a dream come true for me and I’m now sat in a beautiful hotel room, inches away from the beach, on cloud number 10 (#9 just doesn’t cut it right now). I’ll be doing a blog post about the trip next week, which will probably be too offensively jealous making for anyone to read, but in the meantime, here’s how I ended up in LA.


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This Saturday will mark a huge breakthrough for women’s sport in the UK. Seventy seven, yes SEVENTY SEVEN years after the Men’s Boat Race started being televised, we will for the first time ever see the Newton Women’s Boat Race finally get their fair share of the limelight as millions around the globe will tune in to see Cambridge and Oxford women battle it out over the 6.8km stretch.


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